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January 21, 2004



Hooray, you're back! I've been jonesing for a post on this site. Of course we want to hear about your valves, baby! We're all in the same boat, in some way or another, making choices every day that fall squarely into the "gray" area. Well, except Dubbuya. He sees the whole world as black or white. God bless him. Must make it so easy.

You're correct when you say there is no right choice. But in one way, there is a right choice. And that's the right choice for YOU. And only you can know what it is! (I'm so brilliant. At least you're not paying me.) But really, I think it's great that you're getting more opinions, reading up on more studies or whatever, and informing yourself. This isn't picking out a paint chip, Michele! This is a very important decision.

My only overriding feeling about it is that I want you to come out as healthy as possible after the surgery. But I said that before.

My husband is actually an excellent psychic, but he won't do it on command. Bastard.


LOL, thanks, Mollie. Damn, I wish you're husband could give me some answers.

You're right, there is a right answer, what is right for me. I agree, you're brilliant, so can't you tell me what to do? Please.

I have a notebook full of questions for my surgeon to answer, so I hope there is something he can say to help me. I can't wait until all of this is over with.

Thank you for being so supportive, you're a blessing!


"In the end, it will have to be a leap of faith."

You said it. I hope and pray things turn out well for you.


"In the end, it will have to be a leap of faith. I will go with the choice that I feel best about, "

Seems like the perfect choice to me.


Have you consulted the magic 8 ball? Mine hasn't let me down yet. ;)


Maybe I should take a trip to Toys R' Us and ask the Magic 8 Ball some questions. I might just do that.

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