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June 12, 2004



Sounds like the ball is rolling and picking up some good speed!

Glad to hear you and your heart and have been notarized and I hope you never encounter and paper hold up.


This is so exciting. I absolutely love the play-by-play. And, if I must be honest, the Duran Duran reference.


Sounds like you are so on the ball! :) You have the right idea on the homestudy -- just treat it as an important acquaintance is coming to visit. We babyproofed every cupboard and cabinet in our house, and our social worker didn't even look LOL.


Yeah, my friends even had a bunch of liquor and wine bottles in their recycling (they had had a party) and the SW didn't say anything.

I repeat my earlier assessment that they are just doing a very general sweep for "unhealthy." That doesn't include having your spices in alphabetical order or putting up baby gates at the top of each staircase. I think that's loony, to do that when the kid isn't even coming for months and months! Pregnant ladies don't do that!!

Well, I'm psyched about your accordion file. Every little document, every little piece of the puzzle leads you closer and closer and closer to a raven-haired, wee human being. Hooray, hooray, hooray!!


Inching ever closer. And, honestly, providing quite a play by play for anyone who may be considering this in the future.

Keep plugging along! I'm wishing you luck from the bottom of my butt!


This is what was required for our HS:
1.) fire dectectors in working order
2.) fire extinguisher (sp?) in kitchen cabinet
3.) house clean-- like if you were inviting friends you kind of knew over. No cabinets, closets, trash can, garage, etc.
4.) be able to discuss how you will raise a child of a different race & maintain her culture.

Good luck!


Maybe you can just camouflage your bottles. You know, by temporarily putting flowers in them or something.

No? Not a good idea?


Did you know that you totally just wrote a beautiful sentence?

"...endorsing me and my heart for adoption."


Clearly I need to buy an accordian file, like, right now.

Eagerly sucking up every bit of information about your progress, since we'll be there soon! Yay for notarized hearts!


Isn't it exciting when you start to get the documents back?

I was on the phone this morning with NJ vital records for about an hour as they decided how to handle me and my 2 names. The lady was so confusing I ended up hanging up and calling back. The next lady was so helpful I almost burst into tears.

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