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June 08, 2004



It's good, it's all good. Don't worry about jinxing (this said by the jinxophobe herself): it's good to have a goal in mind in terms of completing the dossier. Just don't go nuts if you're off by a bit.

So excited to hear about all this. For me, every document, every authentication is a flashback not only to the frustrations of the process, but the result: a kid. And what a kid I've got.

I guess it's like hearing about nausea, or the first kicks. I relish this kind of talk! Reminds of the way I got to the person who means the most to me in the whole wide world.

So exciting!!



You should bore me with the details!! LOL. I am about to follow right in your footsteps and I feel clueless about what I am about to get into. Everywhere I turn everyone makes it sound so fun! Looking at my current to do list, it appears to be anything but fun.


I really admire your tenacity with all those documents. Korean adoption doesn't require nearly as much "paper," and I'm still going crazy trying to get everything together.


Our agency does all of the certification, notarizing and authentification for us, so I admire your tenacity! Typically, it takes 5 months to LID (logged in date at CCAA). After that, the wait to referral is averaging 8 months, which is very good.

Good luck!


I don't even think about the little baby at the end of all this paper work. Well, I do, but I don't. We talk about it, but it has not really sunk in. Perhaps once we are DTC.

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