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April 20, 2005




I can't wait until you get to meet her. What a sweet, sweet little girl.


I am totally stalking you all over the place!
she is not only adorable, but she looks tiny! What was her weight info? age/weight?
She looks very alert and smiling, which is so rare in these referal pictures.
I cannot wait for your emails from China!!!!

it's swoop!

I'm so happy for you!
Amazing isn't it?


She is soooooo cute! She looks so alert and bright!

Congratulations again!


I am new to your blog, so I hope you don't mind my intrusion, but OMG SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love her little toes all splayed out in the first picture!! So adorable!!!!!!

Congratulations!!! I can't wait to hear about your trip to China to meet her, hold her and gobble up her precious little baby feet!!!!!!

What a wonderful day for you!!!

Carrie Jo


She is beautiful! I am so so so happy for you.


Congratulations! You're a mother! I'm crying tears of happiness for you! Sure, she's beautiful, but, oh, the feet! Her feet are too much! They're the cutest things I've ever, ever seen. Back to lurking now...


Ohmigod, she is so beautiful! I love her little toes!





I am in love with both of you.


Oh Michele - there just aren't words to describe how happy I am for you! Yay - what a wonderful day! When do you travel now?

mimi smartypants

She is gorgeous. Congratulations! Referral day is the second best day ever (and I keep my fingers crossed that your very best day ever---in China---is coming as soon as possible).


and i forgot to say the obvious - she is so so so adorable!!!!


A lurker here who just had to send my congratulations!! It must be amazing to have your whole life change from one minute to the next!! Your new daughter is a beautiful!

DTC 10-26-05 and waiting for a referral in May


Look at those toes! She is beautiful!!! Can't wait to read more about YOUR DAUGHTER! Congratulations!


She is just lovely. She has the best eyes, and I have to agree, those feet are to die for. So thrilled for you and crying tears of joy on your behalf. Sad that you are home alone on this special day. Many congratulations!


So awesome, so unbelievably awesome.


Whoops, somehow the link in my name is wrong. This one is correct.


Lurker here who just had to come out to offer you congratulations on your new addition. She is stunningly beautiful. I am shedding tears of happiness for you right now. Thank you so much for sharing her picture with us. Congratulations mama!

Guo Yi Hui is a beautiful name too. will you be keeping it for her middle name? I know that the name meanings vary based on what character is used but I have most often seen Yi to mean happy or joyful which seems to suit her very well. Rare to see a referral picture with such a smiley baby! And I have most often seen Hui mean smart/wise. Guo I believe is a nationalistic reference for Nation or Country. (sorry, I'm a bit of a name nerd. I can't help myself) Anyway...I may have the meanings wrong but no matter what it is a lovely name for a lovely baby.

Congratulations again. I can only imagine the joy you are feeling right now. Best of luck for safe travels to meet your daughter and bring her home!


Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful!


Oh my goodness, she is sooo cute! Look at those feeties!



My favorite picture is the one of her in the aqua V-neck. She looks like she's about to say something hilarious.


CONGRATULATONS!!! Your daughter is just gorgeous! I'm so happy for you and your family, and I wish you super speedy travel approval and travel to China!

soon-to-be mom to Long Li Su, also in Guangxi...leaving for China May 14th!


Yep, following you everywhere too! So very happy for you all - your daughter is just fabulous and I'm extremely jealous in a very very good way! Welcome Baby to your new family!


She is gorgeous! The pictures are great. You can really see her personality busting out of her. You are in for some fun times!

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