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April 25, 2005



It must be really hard to have a photo of your precious girl but yet you aren't able to hold her yet. I hope time goes by real quick for you!

mimi smartypants

I hope you got instructions to send a disposable camera to the social welfare institute in that care package---I heard it's about 50/50 on whether you end up getting it back, but we got ours back and the pictures are priceless. Just seeing where Nora lived and some of her daily routine before she met us was so great.

Here's to time passing quickly, indeed!


This web site may help in getting something to your daughter...this woman will translated "camera" and care package letters for you and even sells camera packages to send to Chineses orphanages:

P.S - Very important if you send a camera make sure they know how to use the flash! None of our pictures came out because they did not put the flash on the digital camera!


I remember my aunt's wait for her daughter--those months just seemed to last forever. Here's to whatever distractions and diversions you can conjure, and as surprisingly early a travel date as is humanly possible!


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