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May 12, 2005


it's swoop!

I hate close standers. yuck.

I made a homage to you on my blog tonight.


I like this one a lot. I think you should send it to Zoe. I mean, this is the face she's going to see every time you find a dump in her drawers!!




OMG. a woman did this to me at the grocery store the other day. i was minding my own business standing in front of the face product section evaluating different glycolic peel kits and this woman comes up and decides (instead of politely saying "pardon me") that she'll stand right on top of me and look, too. for like 10 minutes. and i would have moved if she'd said "pardon me" but in that she felt it ok to just cuddle up to my butt i decided that i wasn't going to move. that i would stand right there until she realized that she was being rude. but then i got all wigged out and had to move. hey shelba when's your hubby going to travel to the pac nw? weren't you going to come here sometime... hmmm? oh yeah, that's right. baby and all that travel coming up soon... but it's not fair. i want to meet you, too!


Was the close stander my mother? Her eyesight isn't great anymore and I often catch her snuggling up to strangers at the store. I have to pull her off of them. Ma- over here.


Nope sorry. That's not a real snarl. Good try.


AH! You're gonna bite me! Bill loves that face by the way, he calls it your "O" face.

heh heh.

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