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May 01, 2005


it's swoop!

What sizes are you buying for little bean?

I was a retail manager for a while. Yeah, we hated returns BUT losing a customer over being snotty about it is inexcusable. I hate that crap. Sorry you had to deal with it.


I never get why the sales people are upitty about returns. It doesn't affect most of them, I mean come on do The Gap employees work on commission? Don't think so. I bet you had so much fun buying all the clothes though. My daughter is sixteen months old and I still tend to go a bit nuts on the clothes shopping. Can't wait to see photos of Maya in her new outfits!


I went nuts at the second-hand store for Nico when we got the referral and size. It made him tangible, but I didn't have shopper's remorse.

Glad to hear that Gymboree was gracious about the return. I was just lovingly attempting to oust the stain out of one of Dana's Gymboree (courtesy of Grandma) outfits today and thought, "This stuff is pretty cute, and pretty well-made." I've never shopped there, though.

My favourite part was washing the things and putting them on the shelves and drawers. Somehow doing that laundry, folding those tiny duds, really made me feel like I was taking care of that baby somehow. It legitimized me, and the warmth of the dried clothes was comforting.

Waiting for the baby to come home is hard. Take your pleasure where you can get it!


As far as those sales people"whatevher", especially Gap Crap.
Can I say that I think you were wise to return the clothes? Because right now my 11 month old is wearing Gap 3-6 month old clothing, which I never would have predicted that she would be such a peanut. You'll have a blast shopping when you get home!


This post made me laugh my ass off. Humping your leg? Tasting your boogers? Where do you come up with this shit?


You are too funny. I could never bring myself to return baby clothes--I lurve them too much. I have to restrain myself from buying now, and I'm seven months from referral.

Er, Bente, MY daughter's name will be Maya, not Michele's daughter.


Yes Karen, just realized I did that... I was tired when I wrote that, it's my only excuse.


VERY happy for you! (Even though I'm a stranger. :)) Your wee little daughter is a beauty. :) Congratulations!

About the difficult returns- Jeez. One would think that baby-store places would be a bit more... Uh. Cautious about being jerks about returns. Particularly returns that involve every item purchased. I think a letter to the managers preaching "sensitivity" to customers "obviously in turmoil" isn't out of line. ;) (I know you're not in turmoil, but they had no reason to be rude to you and will very likely be rude to someone who really doesn't need it at the moment.)

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