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July 18, 2006



What a beautiful picture!!

Congratulations on successfully navigating the waters that got you this far - happy birthday!


Happy Happy Birthday! I think you look gorgeous! Not a day over 24!


You young pup. You haven't even reached 35, where you get the major blues!

Photographer Lori

You are just so cute! Love your green eyes! And NO crows feet! Woo Hoo for you!



Happy bday Michele! You look great and have come so far. I hope Ray treats you to something special on your big day.

joy madison

happy happy birthday to you!


Happy Birthday to you! You have a lot of blessings to celebrate! And the photo is awesome, too.


Happy Birthday!

This picture is fabulous. The last 5 years do sound like they could have been a little crazy... Here is to being 34!


You look amazing. And 34 is the age I'd choose to be again if I could. It rocked.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, pretty lady!


What a great picture! Happy Birthday tomorrow!


Happy Birthday! I've never noticed that your eyes are green! Those are so beautiful! And you are younger than me!


The beautiful face of a 34 year old woman.

One of the things I like about you is that you do not catalogue the
things you've been through - this is the first time I've seen what it's all added up to. I'm proud of you for that. So many seem to relish each and every hurdle rather than celebrate the life in between.

Happiest of days to you my friend.


Happy Birthday on Thursday! Woot woot - 34! You really do look quite young you know. The green of your eyes is so purty. I'm 34 sister, and you look much fresher than than I do. Here's to a wonderful year.


Happy 34!! Look forward to celebrating with you.

Jeremy Stockwell

A beautiful picture for a beautiful attitude!

The Aitch

Happy birthday Love.

Kisses from me and Bill Miller


My, you have such beautiful skin! Really, happy birthday girlie.. here's to the best of em!

Happy B-day sweets!


Great photo - Happy Birthday for tomorrow!


Happy birthday to you!!!! Have a great day. Aren't birthdays wonderful? I just love 'em....mine, my husband's, friend's. They are great!!! Have a good one.


And I'm back to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"


happy birthday!


I am late to the party--as usual. I hope it was a good one you gorgeous young woman you!

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