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September 20, 2006


atomic mama

Hell, yeah! You are brilliant, Michele.


I've never posted before but that sounds like fun! I'm sure Danielle would love Montana.


i bet she would like missouri too! she could come to work with me!


i totally want danielle. i'll make her hair pretty ;)


I think Danielle needs a blog! :)


I would love to host Danielle!


I haven't posted before either, but surely she would like to come to New Mexico too!


Danielle definitely needs to take a trip up to chicagoland...maybe we can even take her on an oputing with the babes. please let me be first - you know I love you best.

Mrs Figby

Surely Danielle wants to come to visit my island. The a1pacas say, "Send her on up!"


Canadian guys would love Danielle! Send her abroad, she'd love to see the world. And I promise to make a window display around her!


I think that Pennsylvania needs a little Danielle!! I would love to host her....and my hairstylist sister may have to spend a little time on her before her photo shoot. ;-)


I love Danielle just the way she is!
She WILL love Iowa and Iowa WILL love her. I will instill self-esteem!



You've got to send her first to one of the KLB's that are going to Bama. Then she could go home with one.

I won't be in Bama but I'd love to be on the list to have her visit. She so needs her own blog.


Danielle would just love Ohio. I'm sure of it.


Dude...she needs to visit England.


Yeah Canada so needs to be on her list, I'd so teach her to knit - maybe we can do something about the hair!


Danielle needs to come to WI - I can see a photo op with cows and cheese. Too fun!


Danielle looks like she needs her first date to be with Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. After that, she's welcome in Austin! I promise not to mail her on with Big Hair after her visit.


She can come to Buffalo but you might need to send a hat. We used to do this with a lawn gnome we stole from someone in high school- we took him all over and sent the family pictures of their gnome's locations.


Um...Hotlanta people! Hotlanta!

Photographer Lori

yes! i'll play!


Me too! NJ is lovely in the fall. And Danielle is company even I can handle. Add me to the list. What list? I don't know--the list of all of those people up there above me.


Danielle would love Oregon. I can get her a Coffee, maybe use it as an excuse to go somewheres pretty for a photo op. She'll love it. Send her on.

Scout is doing a flat scout right now--each person mails it to the next. You might want to check out her blog for details.


I want to play hostess to Danielle! She can stay in our guest bedroom, and I'll even make her breakfast in bed. Please???


I'm game. I wonder what Danielle will think of Amish Country in Pennsylvania? Me thinks that the horse and buggy folk will frown upon her large neck tattoo, but I'm sure we could cover it up with a bonnet!

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