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September 29, 2006



I'd like a visit from Danielle, please.


I posted on the Orginal post---but no email here! I checked my Spam folder too just in case. I'm in Oregon and would love to see Danielle at some point.


I havent hear from you and would love to host Danielle in the snow of the North Pole.


Danielle should clearly spend some time seeing fall in New England!

Bobbi Jo

My husband is SO creeped out that Danielle is coming to visit. Hopefully she'll win him over with her charming personality.


I met Danielle this weekend. Wow! That's some haircut she has. No wonder she was getting liquored up.


I'd love to have Danielle visit! I'm sure she'd love spending summer in Australia!


Hi, I commented originally and I don't THINK I've heard from you, though I'm famous for missing things like that. I've been trying to watch!

Katie J

I'm in if Daneille is up for it!


Lookers-on see more than players. Thadeus.

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