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October 26, 2006



Oh my. Too funny.


Your dollar stores are *far* more interesting than ours. The only mildly amusing thing I found was "Cholesterol Plus" hair treatment.

Mrs Figby

Boy, whoever you got for the swap is in for a surprise.


The girl on the box looks about 13, doesn't she? (In the first photo at least.) Oh you do have the Most Interesting Dollar Store On The Planet I think. Some sort of strange $ store vortex where you are? I really, really need to get to the dollar store soon. I want to find something wacky. Although I am pretty sure that no one will ever beat the Fortunate Hammer.


great, with my luck I'll be the recipient of this swap! seriously, who would buy that at the dollar store!!!!

atomic mama

Yep, Amy, my first thought was that she looked 12... wtf? I am inspired - is that the right word - to check out our dollar stores now...??!!


Hilarious and horrifying all at the same time!


Good Lord, do people buy that stuff?


I think Zorba has the right idea! The Sweet Love line seems pretty scary to me. Not to mention the fact that there are certain parts of the body that probably shouldn't have an "airy mountain scent".


oh, and I just noticed, that girl could totally be Eva Long**ria about 10 years ago... her early modeling years maybe??


I like that they come in special scents. Like I could match my douche with my mood. It is a nice thought. Tonight, I would have "mellow yellow" as my douche if they made it.


Heh, Nicole, that is funny. My husband says that they should make a "new car smell" scent. Yuck. And you're right, Mortimer's Mom, it does look like Eva L. I'm sure the person who sees my name on their swap box will be wondering if a box of Sweet Love has their name on it.


I must have that top that Zorba's wearing! Where did you get it?!

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