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November 02, 2006


Carrie Jo

Bacause it was meant to be yours. When you look at this purse, it will make the waiting just a tiny bit easier.


Kinda bizarre. I would like the know the back-story on that one...


i love you. you're the only person i know who goes to the dollar store more than me.


Why Baby 2008 indeed? Quite strange. That's some strategic planning. But it does seem to be meant for you. The other 20 on the shelf? I don't know.


That is singularly strange. And very you. :)

Sister Carrie

Maybe they're getting ready for the 2008 Olympics? It's very odd. But obviously you were destined to meet.


I don't know, but I want one. We were just accepted for baby #2 today. So we are thinking at least 2008 before we will go.
I am going to have to look for one. Doubt I'll get that lucky.


A sign! Very cool bag for $1? Really??


Because that is when the Olympics will be, silly. 08.08.08 official good luck!


I assume this is made in China too? I love it! But the 2008 makes me wonder if it was a manufacturing typo

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