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November 07, 2006



What is felting? I accidentally wash and shrink wool sweaters. You mean there is something useful that can be done with them after that happens?

Sister Carrie

Yes, I'm wondering about felting too. Do you unravel them and use the wool? Cut pieces out of them to use in some way? Put the shrunken sweaters on pets?


Ladies, you have not heard of felting?? For shame. OK, I haven't done it myself, mind you. But it sounds like a lot of fun. Shelba, should we make felting our first joint project? Let me know how it goes and we'll talk.

This is my favorite kind of post. All the little things that make up a day, and how strange and wonderful they can be.

Somehow I missed that you are going to PAINT the drop cloth. It all sounds so much HARDER now.

I miss Danielle. Thanks for letting me know she called. I feel better already. I didn't tell you that I bought her a scarf (at the $ store) that I was going to embellish with a big D but didn't. I was worried about her neck. Perhaps she will be traveling with us in January???


OK, I didn't realize that you have a separate blog for Danielle. I think Danielle would really love to spend some time in Maine snow this winter. Picture her attached to a set of skis going down the mountain. Think about it. ;-)

Oh, and felting rules. If you look on the MS website, you'll find instructions for making mittens and a hat out of felted wool.

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