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November 21, 2006



Hahahahahaha. That thing scares the crap out of me.


I bet they're still looking for something cooler than The Fortunate Hammer!


they do not know the Fortune that mill be missing from their lives... I, the owner of a Fortunate hammer, am well aware of this!


First of all -- how could you even consider letting go of the Fortunate Hammer?? That is one hell of an act of kindness, Shelby. Thank God they passed you up -- I truly wonder what they could have found to even somehow compare??

(BTW, tonight was the first time I ever saw your FHammer - what a sight).


Oh, they'll be back.


How many Fortuante Hammers do you have, anyway?

Those poor kids. They do not know from cool.


Holy crap, that thing is frightening! Cool, but frightening!

Sister Carrie

You dodged a bullet. I can tell you from personal experience that despite their seemingly sincere promises that the items will be returned, they will not follow through. Putting you in the embarrassing position of having to go to the neighbor's house to ask for the return of a dollar store item. Long live the Fortunate Hammer!


You should have kicked the kid who didnt like the hammer. I do not advocate child abuse but bad taste is truly punishable.


Man you make me laugh! Needed that!



I really, really hope you said that to them. Like, really.

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