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April 13, 2007



I am impressed with you! I was terrified to bring my S to the dentist until she was 4. Now her sister wants to go and I am afraid to take her...must be my terror of the dentist!

She is adorable there!


Brave wee girl. And, even braver...Momma!


Aw- she's getting so big! By the way, I just love the way you dress her. She's always wearing such fun clothes in such fun bright colors. So chic for a tot!


I'm happy to hear that everyone backed off when they did so it didn't traumatize sweet Zoe.


I just have to love someone who carts her camera into the dentist's office. Unless you were using your phone. Then I don't love you nearly as much. But I think it was your camera and thus, I love you.


Ohhhh. You have reminded me that I desperately need to go to the dentist. I hate it. But I know how good it is to have freshly cleaned teeth. The last time I went was in 2004 when I had 3 wisdom teeth taken out under a GA. NOT nice.

I know I will behave just like Z in the dentist chair... NOT a good look - seeing as I am almost 31.

:) blondie


Oh, so cute! I'd say it was a successful visit!


Great dentist pics! Sounds like an adventure.


Come baaaaaaack! Post sooooooooomething.

Bruce Bills

In time, maybe Zorba will do well with the dentist. She would have even let the dentist count and clean her teeth by now. I think it really takes time for the little tykes to ease up at the dentist's chair. Wait 'til she gets her reward from the goodies box.

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