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One, two, three

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June 19, 2007



Seriously? 2 more years to go? Congratulations on one year down!


Happy 1 year. Keep up the good work.

Project Ni Hao

Congrats on one year!


Congratulations! Rock on.


Congrats! Boy, seems like you just got home with Miss Z! Of course to you guys time must be dragging. Let's hope they'll speed up!

Anne Marie

Happy 1 year! I hope you have now jinxed the 2 year prophecy -- you know kind of like bringing an umbrella so it doesn't rain?

Sister Carrie

Yay! I sure hope it isn't another two years. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Congrats on the one year milestone, hope the next one flys by and that you travel sometime in the following one!


You know we have the same wait if not a little longer but it broke my heart to read this today. How are you? I am going up and down. I hear about allocations and we move down the queue and I am all excited. But that feeling doesn't last. Hope you are up more than down. Leisa


Yay! Every milestone is important. Closer, closer.


I'm impressed with the chipper attitude. And I'm glad you've got one under your belt.


congrats, and I hope your'e wrong!!(about the two more)

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