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December 30, 2007



I just love it when my computer crashes and eats my comments! I was going to say that I love the quilts, but I'm really enamoured with your labels. What do you use to make the embossed labels and where the heck can I get one?

I also want to wish you a very Happy New Year. All the best for a happy and healthy 2008!


I heard from a little Christmas bird that these quilts made two little girls (and their mama) very, very happy! They are just beautiful! You are truly amazing.

I am glad you are feeling better. We have the nasty cold here too. Blech. We are trying to chase it away for the new year. Enjoy your free mama time! Give Zorba a hug from us and tell her happy new year!


I can guess whose two little girls those quilts went to. They are both lovely (and the quilts are too). You really are a very crafty woman, yo. It is truly a gift. Thanks for sharing those images.
As for Zorba going off for a little time with the grandparents...well, I can just look forward to those days when they come my way. Glad to hear that you are having fun as just Shelba, and am v v envious of the pedicure and the movie watching.


THose are BEAUTIFUL! Really! I am amazed at what you can do!
I am glad you are feeling better. Enjoy a few days of quiet...I can't imagine the day my girls will do that! Go to Grandma's without us!


Beautiful as always. I love the red and brown together.

Sister Carrie

Ha! I could tell who those quilts were going to before I read the comments. They are really cute. I love vintage fabrics. And look how beautifully you wrap them. You're a pro.


Wow, wow!!!
And the packaging!
My inner Marth Stewart is in awe of you.


love, love, love those quilts!!! So cute and I am sure they did love them. I love how you packed them and those stickers...well I love the stickers too.

I can't wait for our spring Canton trip!!!

enjoy your few days without tho darling Zorba...especially the sleeping late thing.


I hope that this comment finds you feeling well, and still enjoying your time alone with your (taller) sweetie-pie. I am asounded at your creativity, sweetie. I may need sewing lessons this spring - trade out for babysitting, maybe?

Happy New Year, good woman. xoxo


I. Love. That. Quilt. The colors, the binding, the packaging...divine. It's so evident that you're one with your sewing machine. As always, beautiful work.


Love, love, love those quilts. Both of them. Sweeeeeeeet.

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