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January 08, 2008



Let's call him Bruiser. Bruno? You've really captured a butch (Butch - that's IT) side of that tyke. I hope the Tylenol keeps working.


Tough guy. Wow, what a picture - you're good, you!


BTW, good luck with the coke and your cola.


Awww. I think he's sweet. And maybe introspective. Good job with sticking with giving up coke.



I am here to say YES! the Angel series is totally worth it. My housemate introduced me to Buffy last year and I am ever grateful! I finished both shows last month and I am almost ready to start watching them again. I was surprised to realize how much I enjoy them but now I fully embrace the feeling!

I love the picture of the baby on this post. I am always excited to find beautiful blogs and I have bookmarked yours....thank you!

~ Jen*

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