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February 09, 2008



now those you should sell! They are adorable and most of the people I know w/iPhones are women!


I haven't even had one iPhone and you are already on number 2. I am sorry yours was stolen. How infuriating! The pouch is pretty. I would buy one--ya know, if I had an iPhone.

Kim O

I would seriously buy one too. I think the only thing that would make it better is to put a small strap on it that you can snap onto your purse strap so it hangs inside your purse. Then you can find it when you need it since it is hanging on the strap.
Very pretty fabric.


I just acquired a friend like yours two weeks ago. I absolutely love my new friend and can imagine your devastation at realizing a friendship has been lost. Luckily you were able to mend it and now have your friend back. I am thinking maybe I need to buy some insurance or something like you can do with glasses. Glad your hubby was so thoughtful!


I totally love that! I would totally buy on of those. Let me know if you make them to sell.

I am with Kim on the strap, but thinking more along the lines of a long one, rope-ish, that you could put over your head and arm so that it hangs near your hip. It would work with an iPod for long walks and such. Right now I just hold mine, as none of the pouches I have found will hold an iPod.


I took a deep gasp when you said it was stolen. That so bites! Big Guy works in the business, so he's all Mr. iPhone, and promising to give me his when the next round comes out. I so can't wait. Ain't it the most perfect thing to ever enter your purse? The ringtones are divine.

I'm loving the daily photo blogging. I may just do the same.


I have been looking for something along the lines of a sling that would hold my iphone but would also like to mention that you can cover your iphone under your homeowners insurance or car insurance.

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Oh my goodness is there anyway you can sell that to me?! I'm in love with it!

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