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April 23, 2008


Bobbi Jo

Wow! That is a HUGE step! I would have been all teary-eyed too.

Gorgeous picture of Zorba, even though she's being a cheeseball!

I've got countless photos of Em saying "cheese" when I tell her to look at me. All with that same stupid mouth do you get this to stop? Who decided to tell children to say "cheese"? Has this person been dealt with accordingly??


I am very impressed about the swimming! You must be proud!

And, I hate to be the one to say this, but in our house we are starting to move from the pained cheese smile to making faces. You know - the lovely ones where the child hooks a finger in each cheek and pulls them way out? Sometimes we even get a rolled up tongue sticking out too. It is just lovely.


Ah...the infamous "Cheese Face" as we call it in our house. I think I have a solid year of photos with that face.

Congrats on the swimming, that a big achievement! Any chance she wants to offer pointers to my guy?


Way to go, ZORBA! She's officially a tadpole now, able to go under water. Congrats on the aqua milestone.


yea zorba! i remember when my munchkin went under for the first time, it is as you say a break thru. there will be no stopping her now!! make sure she keeps it up this summer tho. congrats to zorba

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