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April 20, 2008



Pretty good? I'd say "Stunning!" I'd also say "you're ready, woman," if you wanted my opinion.


GAH! I just love that little hat on her!

Bobbi Jo

I must say, with your talent you should GO FOR IT!! Good luck with the cleaning. Good plan, start from one spot and work your way through the skipping around or getting distracted :0)
Good luck! xoxo


Your girl is just like you, Shelb...altho maybe a weensy bit brighter (colorwise). :-)


ADORABLE! :) And have I told you lately that I love the name "Zorba"?


What a beauty! I need to clean MY house in the worst way. I'll try to get motivated today though it seems highly unfair that I should spend my first kid-free day of the week cleaning. Who said life was fair, right? heh


Cute Zorba...and as always, really GREAT pics. Can I get on the list to hire you to take my adoption announcement photos? 2009 or 2010..hopefully NOT 2011.

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