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April 29, 2008



Don't feel bad about the cavities, I am really a spaz about my teeth - yet I still have tons of cavities. I really think a bunch of it is genetic. And now that I am older, I have developed a lovely habit of clenching my teeth at night, and regularly crack my fillings - even with a mouthguard. Lovely, eh?

About the plastic house, I would let her see it go. The first set of baby toys we put away I took care of without Bean. That was a big mistake, she realized one little thing was gone and then fretted around for days about what else might be missing. The next time I had her help me, and everything went much, much smoother.

I read somewhere that you can ease these kinds of situations by letting the child take a photo of it, so they know that if they ever miss the item, they will always have the photo. Not sure if this will help Zorba or not, but wanted to share.

Either way, good luck - and congrats on having one less giant plastic toy!

mortimer's mom

do not feel bad about the cavities! my girls both have had them. They were so sensitive about putting toothbrushes in their mouths, that was just one battle I wasn't willing to fight. The dentist told me to keep trying gently, but that as long as they established a good rootine BEFORE their baby teeth fell out, they would be fine. Now at 5, Dumpling LOVES brushing her teeth. She's got 4 fillings and I tell her all the time if she doesn't want to go back, she has to brush brush brush! It works everytime.

No advice on the house. With Dumpling, we'd have a big goodbye ceremony. With BB, she would not care or not notice...


Maybe ask her how she wants to say goodbye to the house?

What the hell do I know...?

Btw, I put you in an etsy treasury:

Let me know if you get some more views!! And, when you decide to place some more of your beautiful items in your shop!!


I'm with mortimer's mom. Don't feel bad. Mimi has had like six cavities and now has two CAPS, as well as two front teeth that are turning black. I use the dentist threat too, to keep Mimi brushing. As long as she has good habits by the time she gets adult teeth, I'm happy. At least your dentist will knock Zorba out; ours wouldn't even consider it, and it was a nightmare. Seriously.

Aren't they funny on Demerol, though? Mimi had it before her tonsillectomy and we were wishing we had a video camera. Or some to take home for pure entertainment value.

We're cowards about getting rid of toys. We totally do it on the sly. Probably giving our kids major complexes.


Loved wzgirl's suggestion, asking Z how she wants to say goodbye.


Don't feel bad about the cavities. Elle had several this year (age 5). Natalie (age 11) NEVER has. I think some people are predisposed.

As for the house, yeah, I might do it when she's not there. I've taken to "sneaking" things to charity. Natalie used to be totally cool with it but Elle very nearly FREAKS OUT and needs to be preemptively talked down from said freak out. Even if she hasn't played with the item in years. It could be a freaking Happy Meal toy and she totally notices. Ugh. So, more for your convenience, I think skip the drama and just let them take it when she's not there. My 2 cents, anyway.


PS Is she the type that won't notice if it's gone but will have a fit if she sees it being taken? That's imperative to my advice up there. If you think she'll be even sadder to find it gone then maybe I would have a talk with her and somehow try to convince her that giving it away is her idea. heh


oh i am a bad mommy, i would sneak it out when she doesnt know. then act all innocent when/if she asks about it, because that is how the universe is, she WILL ask about it, AND she will get over it. bravo for being brave enough to get rid of it


What I really want to know is which kitchen are you selling and how much did you ask for it? We also have an indoor one and it needs to go but I have no idea how much to ask for it!

Lilly tends to worry...but we talk a lot about how some kids have no toys and wouldn't she want to "share" some of hers with them? It works with everything but books. Lilly NEVER agrees to give away her precious books.

Good luck!

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