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April 25, 2008



The chairs were a steal, weren't they?

I had Such a Grand Time with you. I knew that I would adore you, Shelba. Knew it, knew it. But what a WS (wonderful surprise) - you exceeded ALL my gal-pal expectations! I'm still high from it all, and probably will be for another week or so. Big question - when are we getting together again? My happy heart is skipping, just like a delighted three year old would. Speaking of - Z is a darling, sensitive, brilliant child. I'm looking forward to playing with her soon, too.

love love love


So flippin jealous. Glad you had a great time. Those chairs are great.

BTW, I messaged you on your etsy store.


sweet deal! what will she do with them? does she have her own school house?

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