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January 31, 2009



I'm the same way. In fact, I couldn't even look at those photos because I could feel myself gagging. I used to work with five year olds and I could deal with poop and vomit, but boogers? Nope. Total gagfest.

But she's still beautiful :)


you know how I feel about snot. she is beautiful boogers and all.


I'm hoping that you didn't watch the video that I recently posted. If you haven't, please don't. One toddler gave his mom a booger...


My 2 year old is now saying "boooooooger". I use the word "snot" so I'm sure he picked it up at daycare!


Oh that is HILARIOUS! Ha. She makes me laugh. A lot. And she really is a beauty. We are lucky mamas, no?

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